About our family business

We have more than twenty years of experience with toolmaking, drilling extra deep holes, making tempering for molds, and especially the production of hydraulics. In 2015, we established a family company for the production of hydraulic manifold blocks.

What do we do?


Production of hydraulic manifold blocks

without limiting the complexity, size and weight of the block


Production of hydraulic systems

and functional parts of hydraulic units


Drilling extra deep holes,

classic toolmaking, precision grinding

PROHYDRAL – Professional Hydraulics Alcer

Our company was established in 2015 by merging the trades of managers who have been doing business independently in the field of toolmaking and the production of hydraulic blocks for 20 years.

Our original focus – toolmaking, production of injection and molds (tools), with time and gaining experience, expanded to other products of precision machining – the production of hydraulic blocks and systems.

The production of hydraulic manifold blocks is without restrictions on the complexity, size and weight of the block and in above-standard quality without compromises.

We have been helping professionals achieve their goals for more than 20 years. We emphasize quality, speed, work efficiency and communication with the client. We try to satisfy our clients not only in terms of production, but also secondary control of the functionality of hydraulic manifold blocks and systems. We will be happy to help you design the right solution for you and your project.

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Company ID number: 04737253
Tax ID number: CZ-04737253
Lelkova 797/18
721 00, Ostrava

+420 776 392 396

Miloslav Alčer - Production technology, project planning